I’ve always loved cities. Big cities! Cities provide endless opportunities to be engaged, social, spontaneous, outgoing and best of all, connected.

And I’ve lived in some of the largest: LA, NYC, Chicago, Seoul, Hong Kong and London. I’m an extrovert who thrives on the energy from others. Is my cup ever full? Not ever. The fast-paced environment of big cities provides numerous outlets to engage with people from all walks of life. My Christmas card list grows every year — 5 continents represented. Are you feeling overwhelmed just reading this? Some people think my life looks exhausting and chaotic from…

When I moved across the pond in 2012, my mind was dreamy with the fantasy of sipping tea with Colin Firth in a Georgian townhouse, dressed in period costume. In reality energetic Ellen the realtor bombarded me to exhaustion with the differences between flats, maisonettes, and mews houses. She explained that the second floor is really the first floor and that zebra crossings are not actually for zebras, all the while zipping us around London in her banana yellow Fiat 500 and squeezing into impossibly tiny parking spots. …

Jenny Garcia

Wearer of many hats

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